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What is therapy and what can I expect?

Often All it Takes is a Knowledgeable and Non-Judgmental Ear….

Sometimes therapy is for men and women who just need to discuss very personal issues with an informed and objective individual.  When this is the case I serve to help people through a specific intimate issue that has arisen in their lives.

We all experience ups and downs; certain times are worse than others.  When the “lows” are keeping you from being the partner and person you want to be, it may be time to come in and consult on some strategies that will help you restore, rejuvenate, and rediscover yourself and/or your relationship.

What is Clinical Sex Therapy?
  • This is a focused professional method of addressing sexual dysfunctions, sexual feelings, and other issues as they pertain to an individual and/or couple’s sexuality. When practiced in an ethical and professional manner it assists individuals and/or couples in dealing with sexual concerns and issues that affect their lives.

  • Clinical Sex Therapy never involves sexual interaction with the therapist and patients will never perform any sexual activities within the office. Instead patients will be educated and counseled on the issues salient to their lives; solid information and recommendations for better sexual understanding and satisfaction are key to Clinical Sex Therapy.

All information is kept confidential and judgment is left at the door.

What is the format of a therapy session?
  • The general length of each session is 50 minutes.

  • Duration of therapy depends on the nature of the problem and pace at which you want to work.

  • A blended approach of patient-education, guidance, empathy, professional recommendations and theory are employed.

  • Therapeutic success depends on the level of personal involvement and work one wants to contribute; outcomes are not guaranteed.

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