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Dr. Lisa is a sought after expert in the field of relationships and sexuality. She has been quoted on these topics in various magazines, newspapers, e-publications, books, and websites. See below to find Dr. Lisa words in print…

Dr. Lisa provides her expertise in the following:

Dr. Lisa featured in Brickell Magazine’s TOP 20 PROFESSIONALS UNDER 40
Click here for the article…, Should you Have an Affair When your Partner is Dying?, June 2012, Rules: Dating your Friends’ Ex, December 1, 2011, Rules: Have Sex with Friend, No Strings Attached, September 2011, The Dr. Lisa Paz Blog, Better Safe Sex than Sorry Sex, March 7, 2011, Twelve Ways to Heal from Divorce, January 15, 2011, Twelve Ways to Tell if Mr. Right is All Wrong, November 6, 2010

Cosmopolitan Magazine, Don’t Let Depression Destroy your Relationship, August 10, 2010 – Why You’re Still Single, April 17, 2010 – 10 Signs Your Guy is a Sex Addict, March 25, 2010

Fit Pregnancy Magazine – Is Your Relationship Babyproof? February 2010, El buen sexo dura 7 minutos., For students, lessons in long-distance love and heartbreak.


Edge, Heres Looking for you, Kid


Albany Times, October 4, 2009

I Love You, But Not Your Clothes, Moms Miami, Sexologist Q & A Part 1 – Moms Miami, Sexologist Q & A Part 2 – Richmond rapes – helped by California law?, January 2010 – Dr. Paz discussing online dating relationships

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