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2. Marital Conflict

Maintaining a healthy union is a challenge. Life stressors often get in the way and disagreements about how to handle these troubles often take over a marriage. When it gets to the point where there seem to be more bad days than good ones, or when communication has simply broken down, then therapy might be a good option.

Poor communication between partners can take many shapes. For instance, perhaps the husband may feel his wife nags too much or doesn’t understand his stress; she never compliments or appreciates him and only criticizes. Or perhaps the wife feels her husband is not present enough and doesn’t seem to care about her interests or feelings. For some couples every discussion seems to be a catalyst for a fight. Ineffective communication between partners leads to a decline in the functioning of the relationship. Sometimes re-learning how to simply have a disagreement and negotiate each point of view is all it takes. Couples benefit from communication training because they get the chance to adopt a new set of “rules” and strategies for addressing “hot topics.”

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